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Learning for Impact (L4I),, is an international consulting group created in 2006, with operations in Miami, FL, USA. and Cali, Colombia. L4I has a strong focus on organizational development and monitoring, evaluation and learning for change, in the context of human and economic development.

In this Network, the capacities and skills of high-level professionals are united, who have experience and complementary knowledge in different areas of knowledge. This reinforces our ability to carry out specific tasks, ensures quality and creates opportunities for interdisciplinary learning among colleagues.

We have adapted participatory methods of institutional and organizational analysis oriented to self-evaluation and learning, involving personnel of all levels in collective creation processes and action-based planning. The gender perspective and the intercultural and human rights approach are present as cross-cutting issues in all our work.

We carry out short-term consultancies, as well as supporting long-range projects with the aim of strengthening the organizational capabilities of our clients, while building our own internal capabilities.


L4I offers:

Extensive evaluation experience: We have a good understanding of what is required to perform and deliver results of high quality evaluations, for international, regional and national clients. Our experience includes strong skills in qualitative and quantitative evaluation, as well as mixed methods of impact evaluations and systematizations of programs and projects.

Demonstrated practice in strategic planning with a focus on gender and diversity: We facilitate participatory planning processes in public and private entities, seeking the alignment of projects, programs and activities with the strategic vision of the organization and with global initiatives such as the Development Objectives , the Beijing Platform and other international commitments for gender equity and human rights.

Friendly working style with different stakeholders: We build excellent professional relationships with a wide range of audiences and project informants, including “hard to reach” partners and community groups at all levels. We work with sensitivity, diplomacy and discretion when conflicts or delicate situations arise.

High ethical standards: We guarantee a rigorous ethical behavior, complying with the proper rules of confidentiality and respect for interlocutors. We are subscribed to the Code of Ethics of the American Association of Evaluators and we are also committed to the ethical guidelines that govern the contracting entities.