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Fabiola Amariles Erazo is Colombian and American, with a degree in Education (Literature and Languages) from the Santiago de Cali University, an Economist from the Autonomous University of the West and a postgraduate degree in Finance and Strategic Management from the Universidad del Valle de Cali, Colombia. He completed specialized studies in Human Management and Organizational Development with a focus on gender at the Simmons Management School in Boston, United States and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in Washington, DC.

She currently heads the Learning for Impact consultancy, with offices in Weston, Florida, United States and Cali, Colombia, which provides advice on participatory evaluation of gender and leadership development and training programs and projects. She is also part of various international networks for development and is a member of the Management Group of EvalGender+, the global association to promote the demand, supply and use of equity-focused and gender-sensitive evaluations.

During most of his professional life, he served the CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture, one of the 15 centers of the CGIAR international agricultural research system of the World Bank. There he held various executive, managerial and participatory economist positions; she directed the International Human Resources area and was a researcher in Impact Evaluation. This combined experience, together with her academic training, allowed her to specialize in matters of gender equality and the empowerment of women in international development.

In the 2003-2005 period, it was assigned to the Global Gender and Diversity Program of the CGIAR based in Nairobi, Kenya, responsible for incorporating the gender perspective and interculturalism in organizations and for ensuring the application of the principles of equity and inclusion between the staff and the research partners. There he implemented projects and organizational development activities with a focus on gender and diversity in collaboration with other CGIAR centers.

Since 2006 he settled in Weston, FL, United States, where he founded his own consulting company which he has managed since then. From there, she has worked as an international consultant in various institutional development initiatives of public and private entities, as well as in evaluations of development programs and projects of various international organizations such as Oxfam, UNDP, USAID, ECLAC. UN Women, MDF, among others.

She has also advised the Network of Latin American and Caribbean Women in Management of Organizations (RedWIM), an entity of which she was a member of its Board of Directors (2011-2014), and the WITI Network (Women in Technological Industries) of the South of the Florida in the United States, in its Mentoring program.

He has written articles and internal reports on participatory research, evaluation and impact, as well as on Human Management with a focus on gender equity and equality. She has also been an exhibitor and facilitator of international seminars and workshops and is co-author of the book “Women in Organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean-Theoretical Contributions and Concrete Experiences” of the WIM Network, as well as a chapter of the book “Feminist Evaluation and Research, Theory and Practice “, related to Latin American perspectives on gender power relations in evaluation.