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Panelist, Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association (AEA). 2016. “Challenging myths and innovating strategies: Tending bridges to enhance LAC participation in the global evaluation dialogues”. (Challenging myths and innovating strategies: building bridges to improve LAC participation in global evaluation dialogues). Atlanta, GA, USA.

Videoconference: The evaluation of the SDGs with a gender focus and the competencies required to do so in the Latin American context.

Panelist, Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association (AEA). 2015. “Assessment of organizational culture and management practices in a women’s empowerment organization: Lessons learned from a study of case in Guatemala). Chicago, Ill., USA.

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Paper presented at the Fourth International Conference of the Latin American Network for Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematization of Latin America and the Caribbean RELAC: “Evaluation Methodologies: The Voices of Change in the Life of Women”. With Patricia Lindo. Lima, Peru, 11-13 March 2015.

Paper presented at the Symposium on Research and Evaluation of Public Policies, programs and projects: Evaluation and social change with a gender perspective: a political look at the technical aspects of evaluation). With Silvia Salinas Mulder. Third International Conference on Science, Technology and Culture, University of Santiago de Chile. January 7-10, 2013.

Panelist, Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association (AEA). 2011. “Challenging Gender Blindness in Conventional Evaluation” (Defying gender blindness in conventional evaluation), with Silvia Salinas-Mulder. Anaheim, CA, USA, 2011.
Lecturer at the International Business Women’s Meeting. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: “Competencies and skills for the success of Latin American women in business”. May 2009.

Seminar-Workshop: “The perspective of gender in organizations. New inputs to expand knowledge and action “. Latin American and Caribbean Network of Women in Management of Organizations REDWIM. Javeriana University, Cali, Colombia. April 2007.

Seminar: “Gender and Diversity in the Workplace: We Can not Achieve on the Outside what we do not Practice on the Inside”. (Gender and diversity in the workplace: we can not achieve what we do not practice on the outside) University of Florida, USA Gender, Agriculture, Environment and Participation (GEAP) Program. Feb. 2006.

Panelist, Joint Annual Conference of the American Association of Evaluators (AEA) and the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES): “Gender and diversity in international organizations: Lessons from a self-assessment of organizational culture”. (Gender and diversity in international organizations: “Lessons from a self-assessment of organizational culture) Toronto, Canada. October 2005.

Co-Facilitation of the Annual General Meetings of the Gender and Diversity Groups of the 15 CGIAR centers: Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2004; Bogor, Indonesia, 2005.

Presentation at the Workshop: “Review and Planning of Knowledge Exchange (KS) / Learning and Institutional Change (ILAC)”: “The Cultural / Diversity Diagnosis at CIAT as a Knowledge Sharing / Institutional Learning and Change approach”. (The Diagnosis of Cultural Diversity at CIAT as an Approach to Learning and Institutional Change). Cali, Colombia, 2004.